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Indiana Work Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured at work, or if you have lost a loved one due to a work accident, the lawyers of Church Church Hittle + Antrim are here and available to help you navigate your claim. We understand that coping with a work injury can be stressful and that times can be tough as you recover. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and best interests, guiding you through the worker’s compensation process, and helping you move forward.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

Securing the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve is our top priority. Indiana worker’s compensation benefits should cover your medical expenses, a portion of your wages for any time off work, and additional compensation if you are unable to return to your physical condition before the work injury. We can help you through disputes that arise regarding your work injury, which can include denied claims, physician disputes, independent medical examinations, pre-existing conditions, return to work issues, wage disputes, future medical treatment, and changes of condition. We can also obtain a full and fair settlement to compensate you for your work injury consistent with the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act.

Additional Claims

Often times in worker’s compensation claims, there may also be third-party liability claims, such as personal injury from someone else’s negligence and product liability (unsafe or defective equipment). Work injuries can result in multiple claims in addition to the worker’s compensation case. Our skilled and experienced litigation team can pursue all possible claims within one law firm. We can also represent injured workers in employment law matters, including wrongful discharge as a result of a work injury.


The attorneys of CCHA charge no fee for an initial consultation on a work injury matter and there will be no upfront fee for our services. The Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act limits attorney fees to $200.00, plus 20% of the first $50,000 recovered, and 15% of any remaining balance. Out-of-pocket expenses incurred will be collected from the money you recover, and not directly from you. Any corresponding third-party liability claims will be handled on a contingent fee basis.

We recognize that every work injury case is unique. We will carefully review your case and ensure you receive the personal attention and dedication you deserve. The attorneys of CCHA are ready and prepared to fight for your rights while keeping your best interest at the forefront.

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