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Our attorneys have the perspective and knowledge to guide clients through the emerging compliance issues in the collegiate sports industry. CCHA has established attorneys and a strategic partnership with CCHA Collegiate Sports Law with proven experience in compliance matters. CCHA’s partnership with CCHA Collegiate allows clients the benefit of working with a team of practicing attorneys and consultants with over 30 years of experience working for the NCAA National Office (over 20 years in Enforcement matters) and experience working for Division I conferences and in compliance offices on multiple Division I campuses.

NCAA member institutions, coaches, administrators, and student-athletes need effective and passionate representation to handle NCAA compliance issues, whether it be assistance with investigations, eligibility matters, or the infractions process. We will comprehensively investigate and analyze all of the facts and evidence and cooperate with the NCAA while persuasively advocating for our client. If an infractions case is opened, CCHA’s Collegiate Sports Law practice team, both directly and through its strategic partnership with CCHA Collegiate, will support its clients through the NCAA infractions process. Understanding the disruption NCAA compliance matters can cause to our clients, we endeavor to serve them in both a cost and time efficient manner and promptly respond to their concerns. CCHA and CCHA Collegiate’s expertise is unmatched and we are adept and prepared to handle any NCAA issue. Navigating communication with the Enforcement Staff, educating the institution on what to expect during an investigation, and assisting with public relations are all vital during an NCAA investigation, and our team is primed to handle these important tasks.

CCHA and CCHA Collegiate also partner to support its clients to assess current compliance practices and proactively improve those practices through use of specifically tailored indices and metrics for each client. We conduct assessments and education sessions to proactively prepare you to both avoid compliance issues and mitigate any damage should compliance matters arise. We also provide strategic advising to any challenge that may arise in collegiate athletics, including matters outside of compliance.

In addition to consultation and representation in NCAA compliance matters, CCHA represents individuals in drafting and negotiating contracts of employment within collegiate athletics.

Whether you are an institution, coach or student-athlete faced with any NCAA compliance or contract issue, let our firm and CCHA Collegiate, our strategic partner, provide you with the highest level of investigative knowledge and support available to successfully guide you through the process.

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