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As loved-ones age and their ability to manage their affairs declines, families are faced with tough questions regarding how best to care for their family, how to manage their assets, and how to apply for Medicaid benefits to which they may be entitled. At the Indiana law firm of CCHA, we are prepared to address these questions and help families think through the many options regarding elder care and the law as it applies to each family’s unique circumstances.

Our elder law attorneys help clients and their families with the significant legal issues facing many seniors, including:

  • Obtaining an Adult Guardianship
  • Drafting legal documents including a Will or Trust, a Power of Attorney, an Advance Healthcare Directive, or a Personal Care Contract for in-home care
  • Applying for Medicaid
  • End-of-Life Planning

The elder community deserves the utmost respect as they transition to the next stage of life. Therefore, our goal is to guide your family in effective asset and benefit management while maintaining the dignity and acknowledging the wishes of your family member in need of services. Our elder law attorneys care about seniors, their unique needs, and their individual situations. We understand our clients will be sharing very personal information with us and that tough decisions may be necessary. Our attorneys will listen to your concerns, evaluate your needs, and help you find the best solutions to meet those needs.

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