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CCHA represents both plaintiffs and defendants as appellants and appellees in civil appeals before the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, and the various Circuit Courts of the United States Court of Appeals. This includes representation of clients whom we represented at trial and, clients who hire us post-trial for the appeal only.

Our appellate practice also includes the representation of amici curiae (“a friend of the court”), usually on behalf of educational and municipal entities and organizations and the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  Our experienced appellate advocates also have served as advisory consultants for other attorneys involved in appeals, helping them identify the salient issues and craft their written and oral arguments.  We offer flexible fee arrangements for appellate work, including hourly, contingency, or flat fees.

CCHA's appellate practice is characterized by a combination of expertise, experience, and a commitment to achieving positive outcomes for clients on appeal. Here are some key elements of what makes our appellate practice successful:

     Experienced Appellate Attorneys:

    • Successful appellate practices need experienced attorneys who specialize in appellate law. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the appellate process, including the rules, procedures, and strategies specific to appellate courts.

     Strong Legal Research and Writing Skills:

    • CCH+A's appellate attorneys excel in legal research and writing, as effective written and oral advocacy is critical in appellate cases. They can draft persuasive appellate briefs and deliver compelling oral arguments.

     Thorough Case Review:

    • Our appellate attorneys conduct a thorough review of trial records and legal documents to identify errors or issues that may warrant an appeal. They carefully assess the trial court's decisions and arguments for appealability.

     Strategic Decision-Making:

    • CCH+A appellate lawyers work closely with clients to determine the most strategic approach to an appeal. This includes evaluating the likelihood of success on appeal, the potential risks, and the best course of action.

     Strong Communication:

    • Effective communication with clients is essential. CCH+A appellate attorneys keep clients informed about the progress of their appeal, potential outcomes, and any important developments.

     Courtroom Advocacy:

    • CCH+A appellate attorneys are skilled at presenting arguments before appellate courts. They understand the nuances of appellate advocacy, including how to address questions from judges and argue complex legal issues effectively.

     Track Record of Success:

    • CCH+A has a track record of successful appeals. Past successes can be indicative of a firm's competence in handling appellate matters. CCH+A has presided over 150 appeals over the past 50 years.

     Diverse Practice Areas:

    • CCH+A has appellate practices that cover a wide range of legal areas, such as civil, criminal, administrative, and family law. This diversity allows them to handle appeals across various legal domains.

     State and Federal Experience:

    • CCH+A can handle cases at both the state and federal appellate levels, providing clients with comprehensive representation.

     Commitment to Continuing Legal Education:

    • CCH+A appellate attorneys stay updated on changes in the law, new precedents, and emerging appellate trends through ongoing legal education and professional development.

     Collaboration within the Firm:

    • Effective collaboration with other practice areas within the firm helps our appellate attorneys work with trial lawyers to ensure a strong appellate strategy is developed from the outset of a case.

     Ethical Practices:

    • Upholding high ethical standards is crucial in appellate practice. CCH+A attorneys maintain integrity, adhere to legal ethics, and avoid misconduct.

Ultimately, the CCH+A appellate practice is built on a combination of legal expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for clients in the appellate courts. We strive to provide clients with the best possible representation, whether they are appealing an adverse decision or defending a favorable one.

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