Will Indiana’s new civic education law affect students? CCHA says...

Andrew A. Manna

Author: Andrew A. Manna

POST DATE: 7.22.21
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The Indiana General Assembly recently passed a new law that aims to help Hoosier students better understand how government works and be involved in their community. Currently, Indiana schools aren’t required to teach government classes until high school.

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House Enrolled Act 1384 adds new civic education requirements for middle school students that will soon require students in grades 6 through 8 to take and pass a semester-long civics course. The Act also creates a state civic education committee made of state legislators and educators, who will be tasked with evaluating the state’s current standards on civic education and determining whether any changes are to be made.

CCHA has been excited to follow the process started by former client and School Superintendent Rep. Tony Cook, along with others, on establishing civics education for our students. In a time of increased awareness and involvement, it will bring a new pathway of learning for future leaders of our state.

The committee will release their recommendations on civics education no later than July 2022, while new requirements for 6th graders will begin in the 2023-24 school year.

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