Indiana State Bar Association Celebrates 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment

POST DATE: 8.23.21
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CCHA is thrilled to be a part of a historic event in which the Indiana State Bar Association honors Judge V. Sue Shields and the women of the Appellate Courts, and reflects on the history and significance of the 19th Amendment.

Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Achieving such a milestone required a lengthy and difficult battle, and victory was only achieved after decades of agitation and protest. Generations of suffragists wrote, marched, lobbied and participated in civil disobedience to achieve this monumental, radical change in the Constitution which also enabled women the right to own property and control their wages. How sad it is that the earliest supporters of the movement missed this victory in 1920.

This centennial anniversary provides state and local bar associations, lawyers, judges and other legal professionals, educators and civic organizations the dutiful opportunity to celebrate 100 years of women’s constitutional right to vote, educate the public about the Nineteenth Amendment and the battle for women’s suffrage, and promote law ensuring women’s full and equal exercise of their right to vote and participate in our democracy.

Ccha 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment tw

Monday, August 23, 2021 will begin with a special presentation honoring Judge V. Sue Shields and all women of the Indiana Appellate Courts: Judge Betty Barteau, Judge Elaine B. Brown, Judge Elizabeth F. Tavitas, Judge Linda L. Chezem, Judge Melissa S. May, Justice Myra C. Selby, Judge Patricia A. Riley, Judge Margret G. Robb, Chief Justice Loretta Rush, Judge V. Sue Shields, Judge Nancy H. Vaidik, Judge Martha Blood Wentworth, and Judge Leanna K. Weissmann. Judge Shields was not only the first judge of Hamilton Superior Court following its creation by the Indiana General Assembly, but she was the first woman judge elected to a court of general jurisdiction in the State of Indiana more than Ninety (90) years AFTER women were permitted to practice law. The presentation will be emceed by Hon. Sarah Barker, Senior Judge, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, and Leslie Craig Henderzahs — CCHA partner and ISBA Past President — will also be a material participant in the presentation.

Following will be a day of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programming for ISBA members, by prestigious presenters such as Chief Justice Loretta Rush of the Indiana Supreme Court, a panel discussion on Women of the State Appellate Bench, featuring V. Sue Shields, other distinguished jurists from the Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court.

CCHA is proud to be a sponsor on this historic day of programming. We are grateful for the 19th Amendment, our appellate judges and previous trailblazers who empowered the women of our firm (female lawyers compose almost 50% of CCHA) to be the legal powerhouses and community leaders they are today. We celebrate this victory for all women and are thrilled to be a part of such an important centennial and moment in history.