How to Get an Accident Report in Indiana

Rachel N. Woloshin

Author: Rachel N. Woloshin

POST DATE: 8.24.22
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After suffering injuries in an accident, it can be difficult to find or file your accident report in Indiana. This can be tricky while you seek out a doctor for your injuries.

You may be unsure where to start or what information you need. If you need help filing a police report or need further assistance, consider contacting our experienced attorneys. At Church Church Hittle + Antrim, we truly care about our clients, and our lawyers are ready to help you.

What Is an Accident Report?

An accident report is crucial information in your car accident claim. It is essentially a police report giving the details of your crash. An accident report in Indiana includes the following when possible:

  • License plate numbers and descriptions of all vehicles involved,
  • Names and addresses of owners or drivers of each vehicle,
  • Names and addresses of any other individuals involved,
  • The name and address of each witness, and
  • The time and place of the accident.

It may also include the other driver’s insurance information, a description of the incident, witness statements, and the contributing factors to the accident.

When Must I File a Report?

Under Indiana law, those involved in an Indiana car accident must call 911 or report the crash to the police. You need to do this as soon as possible after the accident.

You also must contact law enforcement as required by Indiana law in multiple circumstances. These situations include when:

  • An injury or death resulted from the accident,
  • There is an excess of $1,000 in property damage,
  • Your insurance company requires the report, or
  • The accident took place in a city which requires a report.

Failing to contact law enforcement in these situations can have consequences.

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Finding Your Indiana Accident Report

If you find that you need a police report, there are several options available in Indiana. Where you go to get your report will depend on whether the report was completed by the Indiana State Police Department or one of the various local police departments in the state. You’ll need to be prepared with some basic information about the accident, such as when and where it happened and who was involved. You should also expect to pay a small fee to get a copy.

Keep in mind that if you have an attorney representing you, they can work to obtain a copy of your crash report so you don’t have to.


The Indiana State Police keeps a record of every report online. You can request a copy of your Indiana crash report for a fee on the BuyCrash website. This site also has police reports from various local police departments, such as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, Noblesville Police Department, City of Carmel Police Department, Fishers Police Department, Westfield Police Department, and other local departments in Hamilton County, Marion County, and the surrounding areas.

The BuyCrash website has a handful of options for finding a report through its search engine. You can search by your report number, your last name and the date of the incident, or your last name and the address. A list of any accidents you have been involved in should come up after searching.

Once you have located your accident, you will have to log in or register to purchase a copy of the report.

In Person

If you prefer to obtain a copy of your Indiana State Police report in person, you can visit 374 Meridian Park Lane, Greenwood, Indiana 46142.

If your police report was completed by a local police department, you can visit their local office. For example, the office where you can request a copy in Indianapolis is 50 N. Alabama St., E100, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

By Phone

Finally, you can get an accident report from the state police by calling Holt Sheets (the most recent subcontractor) at 317-215-8300. If a local police department completed the report, you can call their local office for more information about how to get a copy.

How Can an Accident Report Help Your Personal Injury Claim?

An accident report is critical for several reasons. The first is that you may have an injury and need to remember when the crash happened and details of how you got hurt. Having a copy will help you to recall anything you might have forgotten due to shock or lack of consciousness.

It is also helpful to provide proof that the accident took place as you claimed it did. Insurance companies may claim that the accident was due to your negligence. This may be possible if you don’t have any proof that you were not at fault. Moreover, providing a copy for your attorney can help them review your options.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

If you need advice regarding your accident report, the lawyers at Church Church Hittle and Antrim can help. We can review the details and support you in building a strong personal injury case.

Our firm has advocated for clients for 140 years, and we are dedicated to our community. You can visit any of our six offices throughout Indiana or call us today at 317-773-2190.