#CCHACares: The Milk Bank

POST DATE: 6.10.21

Each month, CCHA proudly highlights a community partner doing exemplary work for those we call neighbors and friends. This month, our #CCHACares focus is on the young side — babies, in fact. Our feature this month is on The Milk Bank.

Give an Ounce, Save a Life is an effort to continue to raise awareness around infant mortality, and give others the opportunity to do all they can to help save infant lives.

Church Church Hittle & Antrim is proud to support Give an Ounce, Save a Life 2021! For every ounce ($4.50) donated to The Milk Bank by our customers, employees, friends & family, CCHA Law first matched up to $450. Once that goal was surpassed, the match was extended up to $900. Since the campaign launched, CCHA and its nearly 50 supporters have now generated more than $2K in donations.

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Each year, The Milk Bank provides more than 300,000 lifesaving ounces of donor milk to Neonatal Intensive Care Units and outpatients primarily in Indiana, Kentucky, and throughout the Midwest. The Milk Bank served 64 hospitals across nine states in 2020, in addition to outpatient care! And every ounce has the potential to save lives.

What's donor milk? It's milk donated by humans. Just like blood banking, donor milk is a living tissue used to combat life-threatening diagnosis. In addition to being a living tissue bank that collects, screens, pasteurizes, tests, and dispenses donor milk, The Milk Bank also is active in combating infant mortality through wrap-around services such as bereavement support, lactation counseling, public and clinical education, and medical relief funding. A gift of $4.50 covers the cost of processing one ounce of lifesaving milk.

Each contribution brings hope and relief to so many families. CCHA invites you to give an ounce for first birthdays, to honor your mom or dad, to celebrate the babies and children in your life, to combat health disparities, and to make a meaningful difference – because EVERY ounce counts.

CCHA is proud to participate in such a noble mission, and appreciative of the overwhelming outpouring of support demonstrated by friends of CCHA. We encourage you to contribute whatever you can — because even $4.50 makes a difference. We are grateful for your generous support and know that every baby would say “thank you” if they could!