#CCHACares: Noblesville Schools' Noble Millers Honored

POST DATE: 2.23.20

Noblesville Schools has announced 25 distinguished community members they are honoring as Noble Millers in celebration of their 150th anniversary. The exclusive award is unique to the anniversary celebration, having never been given before and with no plans for the district to do so again. Each is appreciated for the meaningful part they’ve played in support of education and the success of Noblesville students past and present, their exceptional commitment to Noblesville Schools.

Noblesville Schools 150 Anniversary Logo

Selections were made by a committee of district leaders from public nominations that were gathered over several months and are not intended to represent all 150 years of Noblesville Schools. Honorees were chosen based on their exceptional service, support, accomplishments or contributions to the district. Noble Miller nominees who were not selected will be recognized with a certificate of achievement in appreciation of their support for Noblesville Schools.

Noblesville Schools’ year-long anniversary celebration is presented exclusively by CCHA, and we are honored to be a part of the 2019-2020 school year in commemoration of the district’s sesquicentennial.

“The lawyers and staff of Church Church Hittle + Antrim are proud and excited to support the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Noblesville Schools,” added Doug Church, senior partner for CCHA. “Many of us are graduates and proud Millers, along with our children and grandchildren! The educational excellence of Noblesville Schools is something we cherish. For more than 60 years, CCHA has been honored to serve as general counsel. We look forward to the events celebrating this major milestone and marking the impact of Noblesville Schools.”

Noble Millers were recognized as guests of honor at the Noblesville Schools Education Foundation’s Miller-Palooza 150th anniversary celebration on February 21. CCHA staff and attorneys attended to support the event and celebrate those recognized.