#CCHACares: Nickel Plate Arts

POST DATE: 9.16.20

Each month, CCHA happily recognizes organizations doing amazing things in our communities. This month is no different, as we feature the fabulous Nickel Plate Arts, a beloved resource for art classes and cultural experiences in Hamilton County.

Founded in 2012, Nickel Plate Arts focuses on three areas of cultural growth:

  • Arts community development by integrating visual and performing arts into downtowns, local parks and unexpected places;
  • Artist development by supporting more than 200 professional artists working in the area;
  • Arts awareness by breaking down barriers to the arts for both residents and visitors by taking arts to the people and supporting venues where people can enjoy the arts.
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CCHA is proud to be a longtime supporter and sponsor of many Nickel Plate Arts initiatives, as being actively involved in the community is ingrained in our firm culture. We take pride in that culture because it translates into a passion for providing exemplary service to our clients and the community around us. Since we have offices along the Nickel Plate Line — in Tipton, Noblesville and Fishers — we serve the same communities as Nickel Plate Arts and are always looking for ways to unite the northern and southern Hamilton County communities.

We also believe art and culture are a way to bring people together who would not otherwise come together. We have and will continue to support local artists, including purchasing and pridefully displaying artwork of local artists in our Noblesville, Fishers, Tipton and Merrillville offices. We also want to help spread the word on their work, so look for the Nickel Plate Arts advertisement in this month’s Indianapolis Monthly.

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CCHA believes that if people look beyond the surface of what art has to offer to a community, we can overcome the stereotypes for artists and the arts. From fellowship to a creative outlet to an emotional release, art has the ability to reach people across different generations, socioeconomic classes, cultures, and that is a mission CCHA can get behind. We applaud the excellent and admirable work of Nickel Plate Arts and will remain a proud ally in the years to come.