#CCHACares: Carmel Youth Assistance Program

POST DATE: 4.16.24
Carmel Youth Assistance Program

CCHA Law is pleased to highlight a nonprofit organization in Carmel that CCHA Law is proud to support. Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP) is a not-for-profit organization that helps families and youth aged 3-17 through community involvement, programming, and services that strengthen home and community relationships. This month, we are shining a light on this amazing organization and all that it does for the community.

About the Carmel Youth Assistance Program

The Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP) is committed to promoting the well-being and success of youth in the community as an early intervention advocate for youth who are facing challenging life circumstances. CYAP provides a range of support services, fostering positive relationships, and empowering young people to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. CYAP works in collaboration with the City of Carmel, the Carmel Clay School District, and the Hamilton County Superior Court who all work together with the schools, police, and courts referring students to CYAP for their services.

Here is an overview of some of the programming and services offered to qualifying youth and families. 

CYAP Resource Connection

CYAP connects students and families to a range of prevention services aimed at addressing various challenges that youth and families may face. Some of these services include counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and food and clothing assistance.

Crisis Intervention

In times of crisis, the Carmel Youth Assistance Program provides immediate support and assistance to youth and families in need. This may involve connecting them with appropriate resources, offering counseling services, or providing financial assistance for emergency situations.

Mentoring Programs

The program facilitates mentoring relationships between caring adults and youth in the community. These mentors serve as positive role models, offering guidance, support, and encouragement to help youth navigate challenges and make positive life choices. CYAP facilitates Mentor Match days, pairing volunteer mentors with at-risk youth, who meet for one hour each week to connect, hang out, and have fun together.

Tutoring and Academic Support

Recognizing the importance of education, the Carmel Youth Assistance Program offers tutoring and academic support services to help youth succeed in school. This may include homework assistance, study skills development, and academic enrichment programs.

Community Collaboration

CYAP collaborates with various community organizations, schools, and local government agencies to maximize its impact and reach. By working together with other stakeholders, the program aims to create strong referral sources and create a supportive network of resources for youth and families.

CYAP Mentor Match

Upcoming Event

CYAP’s signature event and fundraiser, The Carmel Gala, is coming up on Saturday, April 27th. This event helps CYAP raise funds to provide camps and recreational activities for students, food, shelter, and clothing for families, and needed support services to the community.

The Carmel Gala, Design Bright Futures, will be held at the Ritz Charles, but anyone can participate in the silent auction from home by registering on the website. To learn more and register, visit the website here.

CYAP Event

Community Partners + Supporting CYAP

CCHA Law is proud to be one of the community partners offering financial support to ensure that CYAP's great work is carried out and reaches those in need of its services. Community Partners can offer support through volunteering, promoting CYAP, and financial donations to support the efforts of the staff. We encourage you to consider becoming a community partner and learning more by visiting their website here. You can also consider making a one-time donation by visiting the CYAP donation page here.

There are many ways to support CYAP: