#CCHACares: Building Essential Skills Together (BEST)

POST DATE: 7.25.22

As we do each month, CCHA is excited to showcase another organization improving the lives of our communities and those who live in them. This month, #CCHACares features Building Essential Skills Together (BEST), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring meaningful volunteer experiences, skill-building workshops, and supported employment opportunities to teens and adults of all abilities. CCHA’s Justin Hays is a proud volunteer with the organization.

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Their “Why”:

Employment opportunities of many individuals with a disability have been put in jeopardy. Building Essential Skills Together stands poised to make a difference by providing meaningful volunteer experiences, skill-building workshops, and employment opportunities for teens and adults of all abilities.

About BEST’s offerings:

BEST offers three programs towards the enrichment of their participants.

Building Essential Skills Programming is a low cost training program led by trained therapists to help adults of all abilities learn life skills as well as pre-vocational skills needed in the workplace.

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Work Together Programming is a supported employment program that offers part-time employment opportunities supported as needed by a job coach.

BEST has acquired a food truck, B.E.S.T. Burgers & Fries, with the goal for our team members and job coaches to be able to learn and complete all tasks needed to manage the truck at community events. This program is a low cost training program led by trained therapists to help adults of all abilities learn life skills as well as pre vocational skills needed in the workplace.

More than Mops Programming is one that allows participants a role in a business to business cleaning and maintenance program. It allows the organization to help the community while employing adults of all abilities! More Than Mops is an indoor/outdoor cleaning and maintenance service that goes beyond the broom to offer valuable experience and executive skill development for team members. Through indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance jobs, More Than Mops is ready to take on your organization’s need in a business-to-business partnership.


BEST is looking to partner with businesses in different industries to open up more pathways to meaningful employment. It’s our mission to create a variety of career opportunities in different industries to allow our team members to enter an industry they prefer. Let’s work together to provide this meaningful choice!

Serve Together Programming is a community volunteer program for any person who would like to support our mission to bring meaning and purpose to all through training and employment experiences.

Upcoming BEST events:

2022 BEST Golf Outing - Change a life at the second annual Building Essential Skills Together (BEST), Inc. Golf Outing. The event will be held at the County Club of Indianapolis on Monday, July 25 at 10 AM - 4:30 PM. You can secure tickets, make a donation, or become a sponsor here.


2022 BEST Fall Fest - Bring your families out to the Zionsville K1ds Count Therapy location for a hayride to a pumpkin patch, professional face painting, horseback rides, and a petting zoo on Saturday, August 24th from 11 AM - 3:00 PM. Tickets are free. You can become a sponsor or make a donation here.


Support BEST and Donate

Change a life and a family today through donating to Building Essential Skills Together, Inc. (BEST) today! Together we will raise funds to support employment, training, and job coach opportunities to impact a community of adults of all abilities. Donate to BEST today — each donation will be used to further increase meaningful employment and training opportunities for adults of all abilities.