CCHA Partner Appointed to Indiana's New Family Law Taskforce

POST DATE: 10.10.19

The Indiana Supreme Court has issued an order establishing the Indiana Innovation Initiative to maintain Indiana’s place as a national leader in legal reform, by making the state’s justice system more efficient, less expensive and easy to navigate. CCHA’s own Leslie Craig Henderzahs will be involved in this initiative.

The creation of subgroups has also been authorized -- the first two subgroups of the Initiative shall be the Family Law Taskforce and the Technology Working Group. The Family Law Taskforce shall consider recommendations on more efficient handling of domestic relations matters, while the Technology Working Group will "likewise evaluate business processes and innovative technologies in other jurisdictions, and in commercial enterprise, in preparing its recommendations." Both shall analyze the research on court reform, assess the impact of innovations in other states, identify innovative strategies for significantly improving court processes, and provide a written report with findings and recommendations. CCHA Partner Leslie Craig Henderzahs has been appointed to the Family Law Taskforce. Leslie focuses her practice in civil litigation and is a certified family law specialist as certified by the Family Law Certification Board. Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David will chair the groups. The first meeting of the Initiative will be held in the fall.

In addition to recently being appointed to the taskforce, CCHA Partner Leslie Craig Henderzahs will be installed as Indiana State Bar Association President in mid-October. President-Elect Henderzahs took time recently to share her thoughts about her upcoming year at ISBA with The Indiana Lawyer. Read Leslie's interview here. Henderzahs was also a semi-finalist in the Judicial Nominating Commission’s interviews to select the 110th Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.