CCHA Litigation Coordinator, Marianne Garrard, Selected as one of Indiana Lawyer’s 2022 Legal Support Stars

POST DATE: 6.2.22
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Church Church Hittle + Antrim (CCHA) is proud to congratulate Marianne Garrard for her recognition as one of Indiana Lawyer’s 2022 Legal Support Stars. Marianne is the Litigation Coordinator for the School Law practice group at CCHA.

Since 2006, the Leadership in Law Awards have honored 15 Distinguished Barristers who have practiced law for at least 20 years, as well as 15 Up and Coming Lawyers who have practiced for 10 years or less. Beginning in 2021, Indiana Lawyer also began recognizing Legal Support Stars who enhance the practice of law through their work as paralegals or other legal support staff.

Marianne exemplifies the perfect qualities to be a superstar Paralegal for CCHA. Her colleagues are quick to recognize her poise and professionalism when managing difficult and emotional student Special Needs complaints, as well as her daily dedication and desire to lead and be a mentor to young and new para-professionals. Marianne is focused on providing CCHA clients with exceptional legal guidance and being the true leader in CCHA’s School Law practice group. CCHA’s Jessica Billingsley credits Marianne with changing the very ways attorneys at CCHA work.

“We represent school corporations throughout the state and Marianne coordinates all of the litigation, administrative proceedings, and government agency investigations for all of them. At present, that includes over two dozen active cases with at least a dozen different attorneys in our offices. Those statistics alone should qualify her for this award. Marianne’s qualifications go further,” says CCHA attorney, Jessica Billingsley. “Marianne makes us better attorneys by ensuring we fulfill all of our clients’ needs. She is a constant and reassuring contact for clients, effortlessly leading them through complicated processes at the beginning and conclusion of a matter. Just as important, Marianne serves as an unparalleled ambassador to the various agencies and courts we work with.”

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[Photo by Eric Learned for the Indiana Lawyer]

In addition to being admired by her peers, Marianne is widely recognized in the Indiana K-12 market, as the premier Special Needs discovery and litigation specialist. Marianne’s extensive background with different child advocacy organizations, as well as her law degree and vast experience, have separated her from others who provide these types of services to K-12 schools in Indiana.

Marianne was previously involved in various child advocacy programs in Henry County for the past 20 years. She has served as a member of the Henry County Child Protection Team, the Henry County Child Fatality Team, as well as a Pro-Bono coordinator for Judicial District 6. Marianne has also been a Board Member for the Henry County Historical Society, a team captain for the Henry County Relay for Life campaign, a Board Member for the Henry County Crimestoppers organization and a Board Member for the Academy for Community Leadership. She has also been an Adjunct Professor at Indiana University East teaching Commercial Law I, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, and Business & Society.

CCHA extends a heartfelt congratulations and thank you to Marianne, for all she does to make the firm and our communities better.