CCHA Collegiate Discusses Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) with The National Desk

POST DATE: 3.30.21
Ccha  Sports Law

With March Madness in full-swing, CCHA is proud to see partner CCHA Collegiate get in on the name, image and likeness (NIL) debate brewing in collegiate sports.

As it stands, the NCAA defines NIL as three elements that make up a legal concept known as 'right of publicity', or, situations where permission is required of a person to use one's name, image or likeness. The NCAA doesn’t currently allow student-athletes to profit off of their own name, a decision that goes back to the roots of the NCAA “and the concept of amateurism,” says CCHA Collegiate's Kelleigh Fagan.

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Learn more about current legislation being passed on the state-level, and the potential impact of federal NIL legislation on athletes and institutions alike, as Kelleigh Fagan chats with The National Desk.

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