Andrew Manna awarded the Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award

POST DATE: 8.10.23
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Church Church Hittle and Antrim (CCHA Law) is pleased to highlight CCHA Law attorney Andrew Manna, who was recently awarded the Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award by the Community Foundation of Boone County.

​​This award was established in 1993 by Lionel Dubay’s wife, Gwen, his friends, and community donations to continue his legacy. Lionel was an active parent and supporter of youth sports in Zionsville as a member of multiple sports organizations including Little League, the Youth Soccer Association, and was instrumental in starting pee-wee football in Zionsville.

Image of Andrew Manna and supporters

The Manna family.

Each year, a Zionsville resident who has made an ongoing commitment to Zionsville youth sports, whether a coach, active supporter, team parent, or other supporting role, is recognized. An active supporter over many years, Andrew helped organize the Zionsville Youth Assistance Program which has been incorporated into the Boone County Mentoring Program. Andrew has also assisted with Zionsville Youth Soccer, Zionsville Lacrosse, and the high school girls' Track and Field team.

Andrew’s name will be added to a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the Zionsville Town Hall. Julie Reagan, Vice President of Advancement for Community Foundation of Boone County, presented the award to Andrew on August 9th, surrounded by Lionel Dubay’s family, the Zionsville Head football coach, Zionsville Football Club Board Members, ZYFL Board Members, and the Manna family.

“Without sounding cliché, this has been our entire team of individuals rowing in one direction to help build our system and honor Mr. Dubay’s legacy,” said Andrew. “Our current Youth Football President, Kyle Riddle, has taken the baton and continued exciting advancements in our program! Our dedicated Board, coaches, and volunteers have worked under a philosophy from the movie A Field of Dreams with the mantra of “If you build it, they will come!”


Image of Andrew Manna and supporters holding large donation check

The Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award recipient pays it forward by selecting a nonprofit organization that benefits youth sports in the community to receive an unrestricted grant. The Foundation will award $500.00 to Andrew’s selected organization, the Zionsville Football Club. The Zionsville Football Club was started this year as a way to fundraise for all levels of football in Zionsville from Kindergarten to high school. Andrew helped to start this program, a passion project working toward building up youth football, including the cheer program.

CCHA Law is proud to feature Andrew as a leader in youth sports in Zionsville who is giving back and embodying CCHA Law’s commitment to our neighbors and community. A long-time Zionsville resident, Andrew was one of the attorneys who was instrumental in forming CCHA Law’s new association with Burrus and Sease and expanding CCHA Law’s footprint in Zionsville and Boone County.

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