Rewarding deserving students.

As an additional commitment to our community, CCHA endowed a permanent scholarship fund with the Legacy Fund of Hamilton County in 1995. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to annually award a scholarship to a deserving graduating senior alternating annually between Westfield High School and Noblesville High School.

Each school has information available on the qualifications for this scholarship which has a value of $1,000 or annual earnings on the endowment. We reserve the right to alter the criteria for the award, but we strive to increase the endowment over time so that the annual award can grow.

Our past recipients of this scholarship are:

2017: Grace Dean, Noblesville High School

2016: Hanna Newell, Westfield High School

2015: Rebecca DeHaven, Noblesville High School 

2013: Amber Miles, Noblesville High School 

2012: Yekaterina Kantar, Westfield High School 

2009: Kathryn Wright, Noblesville High School 

2008: Alen Cisija, Westfield High School 

2007: Audra Polstra, Noblesville High School 

2006: Kristin Lahe, Westfield High School 

2005: Whitney Hood, Noblesville High School 

2004: Bailey Diveley, Westfield High School 

2003: Christina Clark, Noblesville High School 

2002: Andrew Moore, Westfield High School 

2001: Natalie Muir, Noblesville High School 

2000: Ryan McCostlin, Westfield High School 

1999: Eric Peters, Noblesville High School 

1998: Maureen Hillenmeyer, Westfield High School 

1997: Jonann Bredenkamp, Noblesville High School