Educational Services Company (ESC) has been providing a full-scope of education management services to schools throughout Indiana since 1989. These services range from feasibility services and project management to budget services and transportation studies. 

ESC’s educational management consultants include former educational administrators such as superintendents, chief financial officers, benefits administrators, special education directors and collective bargaining experts. ESC enlists the assistance of educators who understand first-hand the pressures of managing a school entity. The mission is to help schools with the expertise provided by those who understand how to balance the needs of students, parents and teachers while trying to comply with changing local, state and federal regulations.  

Committed to educational problem solving, ESC provides its clients with the following range of Operational & Board Services through its relationships with experienced, knowledgeable consultants and its strategic alliances with a variety of service organizations:

  • Budget and Bookkeeping Services
  • Interim Services
  • Treasurer Training
  • Transportation Studies
  • Food Services Studies
  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Shared-Services Reviews
  • Special Project Support
  • Board Training
  • Property-Casualty Consulting 
  • Extracurricular Fund Management, 

ESC also provides Group Insurance Consulting services through a tailored approach to an educational institution’s insurance-related plans – driven to control a school’s costs while working closely with administration and staff to establish ownership in their selected insurance plans.

ESC’s Retirement Plan Services includes services performed by its actuary in the preparation of liability evaluation statements and ESC works diligently with school clients to supply required OPEB estimates, while maintaining strategic goals related to fund vendors and related retirement plan decisions.

CCHA attorneys John Davis, David Day and Andrew Manna, along with CCHA's Director of Business Development, Mike McConnell, serve as direct liaisons with ESC and work to ensure each entity's clients receive the best services in the marketplace.

Mike has a doctorate in School Administration and has extensive management experience developed throughout his distinguished career, including his years with the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board as well as lengthy terms providing management guidance to various law firms in central Indiana. Mike can be reached by phone at (317) 773-2190 or by email to

By working in tandem, the professionals at CCHA and ESC bring a full-range of consulting and legal services to their educational and institutional clients.

Contact ESC directly, or reach out to our School + Education Law practice group for more information.

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