CCHA Collegiate Sports Consulting is a CCHA affiliated entity that services clients in various NCAA compliance matters and provides strategic advising and consultative services for institutions and conferences. CCHA Collegiate and CCHA have a unique relationship that allows the two entities to work together to provide both expert consulting services and practical legal advice to clients regarding both proactive and reactive compliance issues. CCHA’s Sports Law group works closely with CCHA Collegiate and often utilizes CCHA Collegiate’s consultative expertise in a variety of NCAA compliance matters.

CCHA Collegiate is comprised of a team of former student-athletes, campus/conference administrators and former NCAA enforcement staff members. In general, CCHA Collegiate services NCAA member institutions, conferences, and coaches. The team's extensive NCAA experience allows CCHA Collegiate and CCHA to effectively assist NCAA institutions and coaches across a wide range of strategic, policy and compliance matters. CCHA Collegiate’s services include five key areas:

  1. Strategy: Assisting in developing an overarching athletics compliance strategy, restructuring an athletics department (or area) and ensuring sound policies and procedures are in place.
  2. Consult and Audit: Assess institutions’ and coaches’ approaches to institutional controls and help institutions and coaches strengthen those approaches.
  3. Education: Educating diverse audiences in a variety of areas, including head coach control, the new NCAA Enforcement model and penalty structure, institutional control, and specific monitoring practice for different compliance areas.
  4. Policy Advising: CCHA Collegiate has created valuable and useful indexes for clients to use for self-assessment, to inform internal policies, and to assess and identify areas of compliance improvement for all athletic departments and all sports.
  5. Representation: CCHA and CCHA Collegiate collaborate to represent clients through all phases of an NCAA investigation, to provide general advice when any compliance issue arises on campus, and to help with internal on-campus investigations.

By collaborating and utilizing the skill sets attributable to both CCHA Collegiate and CCHA, we partner with clients to provide creative and practical solutions.

Contact CCHA Collegiate directly, or reach out to our Sports Law practice group for more information.

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