"Providing excellent service and thoughtful solutions has been our promise to you since day one, and that promise has never changed."
- Doug Church, CCHA Senior Partner

Excellent Service +

Thoughtful Solutions

We value the personal connection to our clients immensely. At CCHA you will notice our family-like atmosphere and client-focused culture no matter which of our office locations you visit. Conversations with our clients, business or casual, don’t have to be limited to desks or conference rooms either. Say hello when you see us outside the office and in the community. We’re always happy to chat.

At CCHA, being actively involved in the community is ingrained in our firm culture. We take pride in that culture because it translates into a passion for providing exemplary service to our clients and the communities around us. We proudly serve and support a variety of local non-profit and community organizations dedicating both our time and resources to causes that make a difference. And while we highly value that commitment to community service, we also know our attorneys must be exceptionally competent at providing legal services to you.

As one of the most established firms in Indiana, our legal team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable the Midwest has to offer. Providing services over a wide breadth of practice areas, our diverse and highly skilled legal team has the experience, knowledge and sophistication to deal with any legal matters you face. That wealth of experience has also led us to establish networks with colleagues and community leaders to help improve how we create responsive and innovative solutions for our individual, business, educational institution and municipal clients.

CCHA believes that providing legal support doesn't just mean litigation in a courtroom. We take a more holistic approach to your legal issues. We’ll partner with you to offer reasoned advice and counsel to avoid or mitigate future legal issues, we’ll find reasonable and practical solutions when possible, and we’ll litigate aggressively on your behalf when necessary. Many of our lawyers are leaders in their field and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to educate our clients and potential clients on the legal matters most important to them.

Our offices are just around the corner – in the communities we serve. We encourage our clients to call or visit whenever they have a question. We are an approachable partner for any legal issue – from the routine to the complex. With a foundation of over 130 years of trusted legal service, we look forward to partnering with you and we’re committed to helping you navigate any legal landscape. Collaborate with us and we’ll make you feel comfortable seeking legal advice when you need it most.

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