CCHA Collegiate: Same Services, Different Name

POST DATE: 3.8.18
Ccha  Sports Law

We’ve Changed Our Name

Formerly known as Spectrum Collegiate Sports Consulting, we are now operating under the name CCHA Collegiate Sports Consulting. We wanted to keep things simple for our clients and we are still in a strategic partnership with the law firm of Church Church Hittle and Antrim. Church Church Hittle and Antrim is one of the most established firms in Indiana comprised of some of the most knowledgeable lawyers the Midwest has to offer. Visit the CCHA Law website here. The partnership serves as a one stop shop for all of your institutions needs related to NCAA compliance and representation.

Twitter Revamp

Our twitter will be updated with news and blogs periodically. The blogs will typically cover some recent hot topic and advice from our team to help your compliance office stay informed and get creative on ideas to help your operation run smoothly. You can find the blogs on this website as well and please feel free to reach out to let us know if there are certain items you’d like for us to touch on in our blogs. Give us a follow @cchacollegiate!

NAAC Sponsorship

If you’re planning to attend the NAAC Convention in DC on June 26-28th, you’ll find our new logo on the gift cards you’ll be receiving for lunch. We’re excited to roll out our new name and continue to provide the same great services we’ve been able to provide over the past few years. If you have any questions, you can contact us at