CCHA Collegiate and Women Leaders in College Sports Announce Partnership Continuation

POST DATE: 4.1.21
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CCHA and Women Leaders in College Sports (“Women Leaders”), the premier leadership organization in collegiate sports, have announced a continuation of their partnership agreement through 2021. Women Leaders values aligns with the vision of our Sports Law practice, the only all-female sports law group in the United States, which include excellence, leadership, diversity, equity, education, advocacy, empowerment, and commitment.

The partnership secures CCHA as a go-to resource on Name, Image and Likeness. Since the announcement on NIL, Women Leaders has relied on CCHA to provide education to their members. Last May, CCHA conducted a national webinar with Women Leaders on NIL, which included an easy-to-follow explanation of the current landscape of NIL. CCHA has also provided education to many commissioners, athletics directors, compliance professionals, and other senior administrators though their platform and will continue to work closely alongside their members for updates, planning and other resources to help schools prepare for the new world that could go into effect as early as August 2021.

Additionally, CCHA has worked with or been featured in other organizations and publications such as Athletics Veritas, LEAD1 and Forbes to educate on NIL as it relates to topics such as Title IX, boosters, federal, state, and NCAA legislative concepts and more.

Collaborations between CCHA and Women Leaders over the last three years:

  1. Navigating the Future of the College Athletics World of NIL
  2. Negotiating Transitions: Entering, Extending, and Exiting Your Employment
  3. Women Leaders in College Sports Podcast featuring Julie Roe Lach
  4. Quarterly case summaries and key takeaways of NCAA infractions cases