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Over the last four decades, our team of attorneys and professionals have experienced college sports as student-athletes, coaches, campus and conference administrators, NCAA national office staff members, and in-house counsel. We understand the nuances, complexities, and changing landscape of college sports. We advise and advocate for schools, coaches and student-athletes across a variety of matters that impact collegiate athletics, including:

NCAA Compliance

  • Investigations and Case Processing: We represent institutions, coaches, and student-athletes and their families through all phases of an NCAA investigation. We assist institutions with NCAA compliance, including internal reviews and investigations, waivers, and student-athlete reinstatement requests. We regularly appear in front of the Committee on Infractions and Infractions Appeals Committee.
  • Assessments: We educate student-athletes, coaches, staff, and athletics and campus administrators on significant NCAA compliance matters and new legislation. We assess the overall health of your athletic department for both NCAA compliance and Title IX gender equity
  • Name, Image and Likeness: We represent parties in NCAA investigations involving NIL and conduct institutional NIL assessments to identify risk areas and mitigation strategies.

Title IX

  • Legal Counsel: We advise institutions in conducting Title IX investigations to ensure policy and legal compliance and thorough and efficient investigations and hearings.
  • Investigator: We acted as institutionally-appointed investigators under an institution’s Title IX policy, working closely with the Title IX Coordinator to conduct a comprehensive, economically efficient, and compliant investigation. We have handled single complainant-respondent and single allegations investigations and multi-party and multi-allegation investigations.
  • Decision-maker: We have acted as institutionally-appointed decision-makers to hear and adjudicate Title IX allegations.
  • Gender Equity Reviews: We have conducted multiple gender equity reviews of institutional departments, most frequently athletics, to ensure equitable and legal treatment of students.

Other Investigations

  • We have conducted investigations into allegations of bullying, mental abuse, unhealthy environments and athlete or coach misconduct.
  • Our teams consists of former collegiate coaches, collegiate athletics, and campus administrators, allowing us to bring well-rounded experience and perspectives needed for investigating and analyzing these types of allegations.

Name, Image, and Likeness

  • We develop policies and best practices. We assist with third party involvement, management and monitoring, and education.
  • We conduct NIL assessments to review an institution’s areas of strength, opportunity, and legal and NCAA compliance. 
  • We have worked with businesses and student-athletes navigating contractual NIL matters.